Hard to Keep Up a Meditation Practice? Try This.


“Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you are listening.” – Anonymous

I’ve wanted to keep a daily practice of meditation for quite some time. I go through phases where I keep to the practice but have gone far too long without keeping it. I’m certainly no expert, but I believe a meditation practice can take place at anytime and just about anywhere. You don’t need to landscape an elaborate meditation garden in your back yard with piped in spa music so you can sit for two hours a day. I believe you can do it on the noisy train on your way to work for 10 minutes and still get the benefit of a more peaceful and centered disposition.

Why is it so hard to commit to a daily practice? I just can’t seem to hold on to a daily routine. If I try and sit in the morning I feel compelled to hurry to the office. If I try and sit at night, I wind up falling asleep. If I try and sit during the day I can’t seem to stop my mind from chattering long enough to feel centered at all.

Then, I realized something. I realized that while I can’t get into a daily routine that I do want, I have managed to get into other daily routines that I don’t want. Take Facebook for example. It has become an unconscious habit of mine to check Facebook at least once a day. I also check my personal e-mail at least once a day even though the vast majority of it is spam. I’ve recently discovered Trivia Crack and often check my phone to play a few rounds.

It seems I should be able to direct my unconscious internet checking toward those sites that support a daily meditation practice. So, under the “Favorites” tab in my internet browser, I’ve created a new folder called “Daily Spiritual Practice”. I’ve added links to my playlist of guided visual meditations on YouTube, inspiring TedTalks, audio meditation sites, as well as the spiritually based media I enjoy such as Hay House Radio streaming, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday episodes and links to the sites with uplifting reading content, like Tiny Buddha, BlogHer and The Change Blog.

I have linked all of these sites to my phone as well, so that wherever I am – on the train for a short trip, walking to work or sitting in my office with the door closed during the day – I can check in for a 10-20 minute session. I can tweak my lineup as I see fit or as fresh content becomes available.

That is how I intend on keeping my daily spiritual practice in 2015. So far, I can say I have meditated each morning so far but its only January. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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