Paula M. JonesEmotional Intelligence. Social Skills. Communication. Interpersonal Skills. PEOPLE SKILLS.

These are the fastest growing buzz words around today’s biggest challenges in the realm of professional services.

I believe that addressing PRACTICAL PEOPLE SKILLS openly in a professional environment is critical for any corporate organization who wants to stand out from its competition, increase the loyalty and profitability of its employees and support an emotionally healthy workplace. And I’m thrilled that admitting to a lack of PEOPLE SKILLS is finally overcoming its previous label of being “taboo” and gaining popularity in the professional world.

Professionals are still human beings, after all, and we are complicated creatures. Many of us embrace principals of psychology, relationships and even spirituality to guide our careers, as well as our personal lives.

Too many intelligent, well-intentioned professionals feel frustration in their daily lives due a lack of understanding of people skills. They experience loss of revenue, morale and cannot attract or retain the talent they want. They do not know how to keep clients happy and feel unsure of how to compete to remain viable. Many feel uneasy about working alongside difficult people. Organizations put themselves at great risk when they fail to address these concerns properly.

During my thirty-year career, I’ve learned that people skills are an integral part of success – for any successful professional and organization. I have been able to harness my deep knowledge in this area and apply it in a practical way that increases revenue, attract clients, sets (and realizes) goals, reduces unnecessary expenditures, forms stronger alliances and relationships – all while supporting a very personally satisfying career.

Practical People Skills supports those individuals and organizations open to incorporating people skills as a vital tool for success. It is a community in which you can share your stories, help others and experience the tangible results of people skills for yourself. If you’ve been looking for a tribe of like-minded people, you’ve found it!