The distance between the life we have right now and the life we want can feel impossibly huge. There are so many of us who yearn for a greater sense of purpose, passion, fun, calm and connection to others. Many just yearn for the basics of safety and security. I know that the dreams we have for ourselves are not random but are actually spiritual guidance.

To the casual observer, it would appear that I grew up in a typical upper middle class suburban family. However, what lay beneath the surface was a very different reality. Fear and instability were the norm and optimism and fun were the exceptions. I knew from a very young age that I needed to leave my toxic environment in order to survive and hopefully, one day, to thrive.

I would go to bed each night picturing the life I really wanted, rather than the one I had or was expected to have by the people around me. I left home just before I finished high school and, while navigating formidable obstacles in my path, I began to slowly build that life – my life. Nothing was more effective throughout that process than challenging the negative beliefs I had adopted about myself and about the world around me. Thirty years later I can personally attest to the fact that dreams really do come true, one small epiphany at a time.

I started Small Epiphanies to share the subtle realizations that result in profound change. I hope that they will help you experience some epiphanies of your own. The All is in the Small!

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Paula M. Jones