Hire Paula

Paula M. JonesPaula M. Jones, Esq. is an effective author and speaker for professional services organizations who want to create an energizing and productive work environment. Paula’s innovative and thought-provoking webinars and keynote presentations on PRACTICAL PEOPLE SKILLS are career-changing – and often result in organizations making a crucial difference in the lives of their employees, positively impacting their bottom line.

Some examples of the most well-received topics available as a presentation, keynote address or workshop are:

Overcoming Bias in the Workplace.  By understanding how to overcome our natural biases, we can create an organization with strong morale, empowered staff at all levels, creating a safe, open and honest work environment that will attract top talent and have a positive impact on your organization’s profitability. Participants learn to uncover deep-rooted limiting beliefs and pre-suppositions and create a meaningful dialogue to reveal the solutions that can be immediately and effectively applied to your organization.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Choosing Clients.  Have you ever wished you could attract different types of client into your professional life? A heightened sense of awareness about potential clients and referral sources will help you to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Attendees learn how to detect the type of work relationships that are an ideal fit for you and how to avoid those that are not.

Top 10 Partner Problems and How to Solve Them.  This innovative workshop brings leaders together to find the solutions that often feel elusive – and keep firms from experiencing an increase in their bottom line. By applying practical people skills, especially in the most challenging areas, the result can be more efficient staff management, prevention of lost revenue, effective risk management, better work product, positive firm reputation and culture, attraction of top talent and increased morale among long-term staff and clients.


To schedule a workshop at your organization or to have Paula present at your meeting, conference or retreat, please contact her directly at +1-484-680-1143, e-mail her at paula@paulamjones.com.