Do You Have A Dream? How Visioning Really Works

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The more boundless your vision, the more real you are. – Deepak Chopra

Where is your ‘happy place’?

My happy place has been very much the same for as long as I can remember. I’m standing in a kitchen and there is a large open floor plan. The walls to my left are full of windows that open onto a patio. In front of me is a dining room and to my right is a cozy living room looking out onto a lush green front yard. Beyond these rooms is a hallway of bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own fireplace and a doorway leading out to a small patio and a gurgling koi pond.

Pretty good so far, right? Let’s go outside. The back yard is a lush green grassy area with tall strong trees on the perimeter. It is very sunny and warm. There is some wildlife jumping around in the grass – bunnies, birds and a deer or two. I feel the warm sun on my face and a gentle dry breeze pass by. I smell spring – flowers, grass and pollen. There is a babbling brook at the edge of the perimeter of the grassy area. There are large boulders in the brook and the slow water splashed gently over them. I hear the gurgle of the brook and the birds chirping happily.

Ahh…. nice!

When my husband and I were looking for a home a couple of years ago, we were discouraged by the kinds of houses on the market. We wanted as much land as possible. We thought we’d love a farm with an old barn and lots of acres but every place within our budget needed too much work. It was just as well, since we weren’t falling in love with any particular place.

I have always had very good real estate karma and I intuitively knew that the house in my meditations would show up at some point. My husband and I got to the point in our house search where we decided to choose something to hold us over until my youngest stepson went off to college. At that point, we could begin to look again for the house we really wanted. Nevertheless, I knew that houses had a funny way of showing up as soon as you stop looking for them.

When I saw the listing of a vacant foreclosure that looked no better than a wet pile of sticks, I just knew it was the right house. The roof in the living room was caved in and the yard was overgrown. When our older stepson saw the house, he asked if we were broke. Nevertheless, the bones of the house were in the architectural style we both loved ad there was a good amount of land around the house. This was it.

Usually the form of our vision is not literal. We achieve the essence of our vision and one day it occurs to us – hey, my dream came true after all! However, once in a while, the form fits pretty close, too. There are floor- to-ceiling windows and an open floor plan in this house. It has a patio leading out to a lush green backyard and we have some nice privacy off the master bedroom. We even have the deer and the bunnies. I think sometimes the universe goes out of its way to remind us that it is listening and that there really is a divine plan to everything – really.

The “country house”, as we call it, is one of many examples of a vision that has come into reality in my life. Some days I still marvel at how my vision really came true! It didn’t happen with a bolt of lightning and it certainly didn’t arrive on my own timeframe. When we are drawn to the same visions over and over again it is guidance that what we want is what we need to pursue. We may have no idea how it will come into being, but visioning it is a way to fuel its manifestation.

A funny thing happened after we moved into the house. I no longer envision the house. I suppose I don’t need to, since it has come into my life in the present moment. I guess it’s time to envision the next thing I want to realize.


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